Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 49- END OF VOLUME 14- HAPPY EARLY CHRISTMAS!!!

Woohoo! We got this out before the year is out! This time around, Abe shares his information with everyone... JUST WHAT DOES HE KNOW?! So with that, Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 49 of "Bokura no Kiseki"! Volume 15 is scanned and is in progress>>>.

Chapter 49

Volume 14-Complete


  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter!! :)

  2. Wow, that's a lot of potential revelations at once... Yamada still seems very suspicious, as she has been for a while. Very excited to see what's next. Probably the most exciting thing for this Christmas. Thanks for your hard work as always!

    1. Volume 15 from what i can see is very very heavy with detail in terms of glen and what occurred or what didnt occur, its revealing and than some

  3. WOAHHH. Thanks so much :) I can't wait to see Vol. 15!

  4. first, let me thank you for translating the series
    what a great chapter
    this is what i call flip switch when what firmly believe became ambiguous

  5. Thank you very much for new chapter and I wish you Happy New Year! :-)


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