Millennium War Aigis Chapter 2 is COMING SOON- WHILE YOU WAIT PLAY THE GAME

Thanks to the popularity of chapter 1 of the manga the distributors of the English version of the game NUTAKU contacted us in an effort to inform fans that YES THEY HAVE THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THE GAME AND ITS AVAILABLE NOW TO PLAY, on their site. So in an effort to give our fans access and information to the game we have posted the following preview images above of the game and characters. CLICK IMAGE BELOW TO PLAY THE GAME DIRECTLY AND HAVE FUN.  (DISCLOSURE: THIS GAME HAS SOME  H CONTENT MEANING IF YOUR NOT A ADULT DON'T PLAY THE GAME, ITS ONLY FOR ADULTS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED). BY CLICKING IMAGE  BELOW YOU WILL BE REDIRECTED TO THEIR SITE, MEANING YOU WILL LEAVE MY SITE TO PLAY THEIR GAME. ITS REALLY FUN YOU WILL ENJOY.


  1. This game is a little simple but strangely addictive. I think it's worth trying out.


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