Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 51-END- YES FINALLY THE SERIES ENDS- Eternal Union

After almost 3 years, and 7 volumes, we have now reached the final chapter... We're going to miss this sweet, man-eating pup of ours... We had a lot of good times and we're sad to see it go... But who knows... We might pick up another series by this author... You never know. Well then, enough talk! Come join us now for the epic finale, chapter 51, of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" !

Chapter 51-END



  1. Thanks for translating this series

  2. thanks for all your work

  3. Thanks guys! Your efforts were worth it! Thanks for working on this series for so long!

  4. Thanks a lot for translating this series!! :D

  5. Just curious, but is there an epilogue or an extra chapter after this? Or is this truly the last chapter? Thankies!

  6. Congratulations Deus Ex Scans on the completed series!

    Would you guys be repicking up Oto Nyan if it is relaunched? Their twitter that has been dormant since 2013 has sprung back to life again in december, and started retweeting a few things.

    It also tweeted this:


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