Getsurin ni Kiri Saku- VOLUME 1 to 6 DOWNLOADS

Since series is wrapping up soon with volume 7 only a few chapters left give or take 6 chapters its been requested by fans of the series for me to reupload previous completed volumes for the fans who are getting into the series now or fans who have been reading the series who want to collect previous volumes  so here is volume 1 to 6. 
This will be the last time I reupload the links, once series is done links will be allowed to die and there will be no reuploads as per group policy when series is done so is out commitment to keeping links alive. These links will survive 30 days after upload if people are downloading but if no activity occurs links will die from 30 days of no activity.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6


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