There's a Demon Lord in the Floor ch.1 to 6- Mega file repost

Some fans have been requesting a re-upload of previous chaps because links have died so here is a mega file of chapter 1 to 6 combined so for new and old fans can catch up or reread. Also I corrected the chapter 4 cover error so the fan who requested the fix its fixed. ENJOY> Also look forward to chapter 7 later today.
Chapters 1 to 6

Also here are some updates:
  • Iinazuke Kyoutei CH. 28- In editing already cleaned and have script
  • Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 39 and side story- Waiting for script,
  • Ark Romancer ch.8- In editing, pages cleaned and script done
  • There's a Demon Lord in the Floor Ch. 7- In final editing
  • Comic Alive 12 2014 Gion No Tsugai Ch.7- Waiting for script
  • KanColle Shimakaze, the Girl of the Whirlwind Chapter 22-Waiting for script
BOKURA NO KISEKI VOLUME 13 comes out November 25th, already ordered.


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