The State of "One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan"

So for those wondering, this is what is happening with chapter 3 of volume 2 of "One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan" as well as the rest of the volume :

1.) I! AM! SLOW! In more ways than one for that fact. You want the truth? I haven't even started yet. Life happens and at the end of the day I just don't feel up to working on it. Does this mean I am giving up on it? No, I hate leaving things unfinished. I will try to make time for this and get this done sooner rather than later but my life, at least to me anyway, seems packed and I want to relax at the end of the day.

2.) As to what my life entails, imagine waking up at 4:30 every morning for a part-time job unloading trucks and putting merchandise onto the sales floor. Why take this job when it's a part-time job that starts at a shitty hour? RECESSION! Sure, the economy's getting better, but after four years of job hunting this retail job was the only job I could find. Most of my time is spent job hunting or writing which is not easy for me to do because I have become so comfortable translating manga.

3.) Speaking of manga, I am translator for not one... not two... but THREE groups and I am trying my best to deliver translations in a timely manner. As a result, "One Turn" ends up suffering delays and I am sorry for that. To me a light novel volume that doesn't get bigger over time is not as much of a popularity as running manga series where, if left unchecked, becomes a pile of manga chapters that would baffle any translator. Especially for the number of groups I work with. Again, sorry about neglecting "One Turn."

With things being what they are I cannot guarantee I will get chapters released all that quickly but for those wondering allow me to make myself clear:


I will try to at least get started today and I am sorry for the inconvenience. Things are not easy for me but I will try to get the chapter done.




  1. Don t worry please take your time for traslate, traslate things are a hobby and not a job

  2. it will be great if this becomes a main project -wishful thinking-

  3. thx for the info :D just recently mailed to ask if the project was dropped or not - happy that it's still active :P

  4. dude, real life, as well as prior responsibilities always take precedence. I confess, I've been curious as to the state of this LN, but... I dunno it always seems rude to ask about a "stalled" project.

    If people are really harassing you with enough emails/messages/whatever to warrant this response, then toss all that crap in your spam folder and ignore it.

    I'll be looking forward to more chapters, but work on it when you can; it takes as long as it takes.

    I swear... some people are no better than children nagging their parents while on a car trip with repeated "are we there yet?"s


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