New Fate Stay Night Visual for fall anime 2014

Who would not buy this image as a poster its so sick looking
Added Logo for how a poster should look
As everyone knows the new Fate Stay Night remake is coming out fall 2014, is everyone mentally prepared for the new original story line, according to the authors twitter this new fate stay night anime will not be following any of the predefined routes no heaven feels or and no traditional routes you were expecting,  a brand new route we have yet to see being done by the author for this version of fate stay night. According to rumor and hear say along with the new charactor designs which are a fact rumor has it that  Shirou Emiya the MC will be the most manlier version of any route in the new original  route for anime, basically the original fate stay night version and unlimted blade works versions will look like bitches compared to this Shirou Emiya. He will be more proactive, more battle ready and rumor has it he may actually win the girl if Fate ZERO gave us hints we needed to see to  reveal the new fate route.These are not so much rumors but bits and pieces the author has released in various interviews for the new original route. The author hinted in one interview I forgot the magazines name that he wants Shirou Emiya to redeem himself as a MC, he said be prepared for more action than you would of ever expected when you see this new route and what I have in store for Shirou Emiya, but I think he will be able to handle it. For cast info and updates visit anime news network-->Anime News Network


  1. This looks good, although I wish they would make an "archer's story" an Ova telling the story of when Shiro became a "hero" and the story of how he was betrayed.


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